• our COVID-19 precautions

    We practice careful hospitality

    Along with the rest of the world we, at The Samuel Dearing House, are learning how best to live healthily and serve others carefully in COVID-19 times.


    When we welcome our guests, we’ll be masked, if Minnesota has an indoor mask mandate at that time. Our household is fully vaccinated. We ask unvaccinated guests to wear masks when not in their guest-rooms, for the sake of other guests.


    We follow the CDC’s guidelines for frequent cleaning and sanitizing of all entries/exits and common areas, as well as deep cleaning and sanitizing of all guest rooms and bathrooms between stays.


    We provide sanitizing products (wipes, hand gels, soaps) and ask guests to do their part.


    For the time being, we have (with great sadness!) suspended our guest breakfast service which we formerly served, mingling with guests, in our kitchen and dining room. We hope to resume that service at some point. Our Cozy is equipped with coffee, tea, and packaged treat items - as well as ice cream sundaes - for our guests to enjoy at any time, day or night.


    While it grieves us to do so, we’re asking potential guests to cancel their bookings if they know they have been have been exposed to COVID-19, if they have tested positive, or if they have symptoms. We regret this policy but it seems wisest in order to be able to keep The Samuel Dearing House open to serve.


    We want our guests to be assured that we’ll make every effort to provide a clean, peaceful space in which our they can really rest.

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