• The Samuel Dearing House

    Established 1885 - Flourishing today

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    The Samuel Dearing House (formerly known as The Dearing Mansion) has been a St. Paul West Side landmark since 1885 when it was built by the Dearing family. Samuel Dearing was a successful dairyman until he transitioned to real estate development, owning much of the bluffs over the growing river city. Dearing retained a prime spot for his family's home. The renowned architect, Augustus Gauger, was chosen to design the Dearings' impressive bluff-top mansion.


    Due to an economic downturn, the Dearings lost the house in 1893. It was subsequently owned by a number of people. After WWII, similarly to many large homes of the time, it was divided into apartments. Remarkably, most of the architectural features were kept intact. Due to the excellent work of several devoted owners from 1976-2019, the house was largely restored to its original condition. It is considered to be one of the most well-preserved homes from the Victorian era in the Twin Cities.


    The Dearing, overseen by Gauger, was built from German-made bricks and with Kasota stone features. It is a showcase of Victorian craftsmanship at its finest. The Queen Anne-Italianate structure boasts nine fireplaces with mirrors from France, beautiful stained glass windows, stunning woodwork, unique lighting fixtures, and ornate architectural details. While spacious, the antique-filled Dearing is also warm and cozy, offering tastefully themed guest rooms and plenty of comfortable parlours.


    We realize that we are only able to be the current stewards of this lovely home because of the past: the vision of its first family, the craftsmanship of its architect, artisans, and builders, the care given by previous inhabitants, and the meticulous restoration by previous owners. We're committed to honor their work in our upkeep and care of this historic home.


    Our desire is to add to The Samuel Dearing House’s enduring history by opening the doors and welcoming you in.

  • a glimpse at the past...

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    The Samuel Dearing House

    circa 1900

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    The Samuel Dearing House

    circa 1949

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    The Samuel Dearing House

    circa 2006

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    August Gauger - architect


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    Samuel Dearing - First Owner


    Dairy farmer, real estate speculator,

    Minnesota House of Representatives

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    Sophia Moulton Dearing - First Lady

    Photograph was taken on July 13, 1884

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    Don and Katie Alfveby

    ~ Owners from 1976-2005 ~

    Lifetime Westsiders, high school sweethearts who

    got married in the church next door to The House!

    They raised their family in the neighborhood.

    In their middle years, they bought

    The Samuel Dearing House,

    making it a family home for their

    children and grandchildren.

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    Scott Kramer

    ~ Owner from 2005-2019 ~

    The most recent previous owner,

    restorer, and lover of The Samuel Dearing House.

    His expert craftsmanship made it what it is today - a beautiful place in which to live and work. He preserved the old while adding some new. We appreciate Scott's workmanship every day.

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    Richard Gauger ~ Grandson of Augustus Gauger

    In 2022, we were honored to have Augustus Gauger's grandson, Richard Gauger, visit our home - 137 years after his grandfather built it!

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